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Rígon - Cero y Uno - book by Pierre Ester


Projet requiring character concept design, illustration, digital painting and 3D modelling.

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Animated graphics for Proactive Sleep Mobile App

Animated graphics for Proactive Sleep Game

Create animated graphics for a built-in game in the app named Proactive Sleep for iPhone (Sept. 2009 version). Upon waking up, the user had to tap on the monsters to make them disappear, increasing alertness and helping him/her to wake up.

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How we estimate the market pricing

In general, we take the average salary in the UK (from sources like PayScale) of a professional who has the set of skills necessary to perform a service and we deduce the average hourly rate. For every service involved, we multiply this by the number of hours each service took to complete and calculate the total cost.

What our pricing shows

Even though we try to consistently offer the best price, the cost for each project is unique and based on the needs of each client.
Different factors affect the cost, like the demand for that service or our workload. Like most of our competitors, we charge enough to cover decent working conditions, but our efficiency and flexibility allow us to make our services more affordable for our customers.

Our guarantees

We are confident that our pricing is more competitive than the average, but if you find a better price, simply show it to us and we’ll do our best to match it. In any case, we strive to provide more value than you are charged, and if you are not convinced by the quality of our work, we offer a full money-back guarantee for any of our services* in the first 14 days.

*Please note that refunds do not apply to payments made to third parties.

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