Mano de Mono 3D

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A replica of a hand-sculpted hand, originally made in clay.
Ready for 3D printing. Free and commercial use allowed.


Mano de Mono

This is a 3D-sculpted model of a hand-made necklace piece in Ecuadorian ceramic. It was called ‘Mano de Mono’, which translates from Spanish to ‘Monkey Hand’.

The piece was originally made in clay and but due to humidity it ended up breaking into pieces. Hence, I decided that this would be the first piece I would recreate both to celebrate that I had acquired long-awaited skills to make this and to gift the resulting 3D printed silver piece to my wife, who gave me the original piece when we first met all those years ago.

3D Printing

For best results with your 3D print, I suggest choosing a large enough size and a material that can preserve tiny details.

Resin or metal would be good choices, but for the latter, a size above 14.72 x 11.01 x 22.00 mm or 0.580 x 0.433 x 0.866 inches would be better.


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