Web Design & Development for Blindtrack


Redesign an existing website to improve the user experience as well as lead generation.

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A redesign was done, keeping the existing brand colours but adapting the layout and functions to modern standards, ensuring compatibility across mobile and computer platforms.

Bespoke coding was added to improve the interface functionality.

Content included the current feed from the YouTube channel, allowing new videos to gain visibility both from the website as well as from YouTube.

Product catalogue with live chat integration, enabling users to interact with salespeople during business hours and leave messages when out of office.

SEO on a product level was regularly maintained to ensure a good organic ranking.

PPC advertising was targeted to specific products and kept up to date with the latest products from suppliers. Numerous contact points allowed visitors to easily request quotes and get quick responses.

In terms of lead generation, we used user behaviour analysis and gathered feedback to improve the User Experience (UX), optimise the funnels, adjust the SEO of the content as well as the PPC campaigns.

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