A lifelong journey towards achieving a childhood dream, this is the story of Pedro Esmero, in his pursuit of becoming a superhero. Along the way, he will find Rigon, the Eternal Fighter – the most lethal being to ever exist – on his own quest for self-discovery.

A story partially based on actual events, this book introduces a character’s transformation in his ambition to save himself and, ultimately, save humanity from self-destruction.

The author shares his reflections on his experience overcoming trauma and learning to be freer and happier in a society that promotes mental illness.

Skills involved
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Rigon – Cero y Uno (Zero and One)

Artworks in the second edition of the book

See more original artworks here


Skills involved in this project

  • Illustration
    • Original digital illustrations for the book as well as the comic book. Includes character design and concept art process.
  • 3D
    • Sculpting, modelling, texturing, rigging and rendering for some artworks.
  • UI and UX design for the website,
    • Focused on the reading experience for the user on mobile and desktop devices, as well as integrating membership functionality.
  • Web development
    • Custom scripts for minor functionalities and CSS to override theme styling.
  •  E-commerce
    • Integration with a third-party platform to enable merchandise and artwork selling.
  • Branding
    • Brand strategy for cohesive communication in every touchpoint of the customer journey.
    • Logo design, mascot design, and social media banners.


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