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“It all began in the first decade of the second millennium. ln 2009, while I was still in high school in Pontevedra, Spain, hungry to prove myself I could get paid for doing what I love, I had my first chance to work as a freelance for a client across the Atlantic.

A year later, in Madrid, I wanted to have my own company, so I founded Freelanceritis, a somewhat playful name which reflected the point to which I was committed to my work. A few weeks after finishing my business plan, with a bit of home-made advertising, I landed my first client, whom I worked with for over a year.

ln 2014, once I got my diploma in 3D animation in Belgium, I was ready to officialise my services. So, the first version of Foliosofy was born. The name comes from two words: portfolio and philosophy. The aim was to create a portfolio of my work while at the same time sharing ideas, discoveries and lessons around my other passions: philosophy and science. I also wanted to help fellow artists to improve their portfolios by sharing with them what I’ve learnt along the way.

Several versions later and with a growing team, Foliosofy still has these goals at its core, along with helping businesses grow by providing creative digital services.”

- Pierre Ester


Our timeline

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Our purpose

At the top​

We help businesses improve and grow by providing creative digital services for every stage of the customer journey. From becoming aware about your brand, considering your offer, becoming a customer and, finally, an advocate of your brand, each of these stages provide opportunities for interaction. Our graphic, marketing and web services bring you the right mix of visual appeal, relevance, engagement  and functionality to turn these opportunities into success for your business.

At the surface​

The skills required to help other businesses achieve these goals in this manner are the same skills that our team at Foliosofy have developed in order to reach their own professional goals. At Foliosofy, we aspire to do work that can change the world by helping creative entrepreneurs achieve their aspirations and, while doing so, achieve our own.

At its root​

The purpose of Foliosofy is based on a story and a journey. The journey is an experiment to test Eudaimonia, a concept according to which the way to live the best life is by harmonising the elements that enable the fulfilment one’s purpose.The story is about a man who thinks he can save the world, when it is the world that needs to save itself.The journey is the fulfilment of the story. We use our creative skills to help people and in turn, people help us make the journey possible.


The team

Pierre Ester


An artist and an entrepreneur at heart, Pierre graduated in 3D Animation & Business Management foundations, in Belgium, and is a certified Digital Marketer.

He was raised in a time when Isaac Asimovls vision of the Internet was (and still is) flourishing, he is a fan of education à la carte, especially involving 3D, digital marketing and web development. He started freelancing in 2009, while still in high school and hasn’t stopped since.

When he is not at work, you will see him reading, gasping while doing calisthenics and cooking some funky dishes.

Cristian Muñoz

Video producer, CEO of Maofilms

Cristian is an experienced video producer graduated in Social Communications, based in Ecuador, where he met with Pierre and started working together in a leading role the during the 2017 Presidential campaign. 

He has produced thousands of hours of video in formats such as short and long-length clips, documentaries, news coverage and films, for corporate, social and institutional ends. His work has reached audiences around the world and been translated into multiple languages.

A passionate defender of factual information and spreading it to the masses. He also loves cats and pizza.

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