Why Branding Is Important

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While it is a somewhat abstract exercise, branding is important and has concrete outcomes. A particular logo design or icon may come to mind when you think of brands, there is more to a brand than the visual itself. What people really relate to brands are particular experiences they associate with the company’s products.


The key to the story: asking why

Why is a brand so important when it comes to marketing a business and its products? Back in the early days of branding, they just used to be a logo. Designers would go on about textures, colours, and reasonings behind the logos of a company, but they were still just a visual.

Now, we understand what brands mean to the consumers that use their products. People do not just look at a logo and see a picture, they associate the brand to memories and emotions that lead to them making a decision about the products associated with it.

The way people associate with a brand is what makes its value. In other words, customers will choose to pay more for products labelled with brands they trust and associate with good memories and emotions.


Steps to Creating a Brand

Here’s a step-by-step to consider when developing your business’s brand:

  1. Determine your audience
  2. Establish a mission statement and define values
  3. Create visuals (the logo)
  4. Develop a “voice” and put your brand to work


What does your brand mean?

Brands are important to consumers because they mean something; otherwise, they would go with the cheaper option without a second thought. Knowing the importance before you begin creating a brand can make or break your marketing.







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